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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Two current funniest people alive

Eugene Mirman (MIRMAN! MAN OF THE SEA!) has a new album out called 'The Absurd Nightclub Comedy of Eugene Mirman' that is totally worth a listen. Please buy it or, if you must, download it off the internets.

Something, an otherwise only marginally funny website, has a column called 'Your Band Sucks' that is consistently fucking hilarious. Recently, he published a guide on how to be a music snob that completely nails several people I have known over the years (I'm looking at you James McCaffrey). He recently published a follow-up consisting of letters by readers with even better ideas for fake music snobbery. Check out the Frank Zappa section and see if it reminds you of anyone you know. If it doesn't, get out more often!



Anonymous Anonymous blathered...

Thanks alot, Scammy. With big deadlines tomorrow, a World Series game to watch, and Jeff arriving on our coast, you had to link to those Your Band Sucks articles.

I just blew most of the day tabbing over from my work to read "just one more" article. Even when he was aptly skewering my favorite bands, I couldn't help but nod and laugh.


2:58 PM


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