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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Taking the Torch from Lebowski

You've probably seen or heard about the phenomenon of getting photographed in various places wearing an 'Achiever' shirt and holding up a sign that says "Lebowski 6:19". You haven't? Well, you pretty much entirely missed that trend, but can now hop on the next one.

"Pulling a Lynndie" involves adopting the half-sneered cigarette dangling pose of one Lynndie England, that white-trash, bulldyke of an idiot who posed with Iraqi prisoners at Abu-Ghareb prison, thereby causing us to completely shitcan the precious little credibility the U.S. had left in the world. But all that Hooba-Joo aside, 'pulling a Lynndie' looks like fun and I plan to make it a part of all future travel plans!



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