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Friday, October 29, 2004

Bill O'Reilly a Pompous Hypocrite??

In celebration of Bill O'Reilly 'settling' his lawsuit and basically admitting he's a complete douchebag, let's see some compelling evidence that FoxNews should fire his ass;

Here's an excerpt from 'The Factor' earlier this year (special thanks to

When Ohio TV anchor Catherine Bosley resigned after photos of her participating in a wet t-shirt contest were posted on the internet, O'Reilly thought she should be let go (1/23/04):

"Let's be realistic. Politicians, news people, clergy all have images, and all depend on the trust of the public to succeed. So we have a young woman here who -- anchoring the news, and her pictures are all over the Internet..... So it intrudes on her ability to communicate the news, does it not?"

"The station has an obligation to put on people who are going to bolster their news image. This woman, in a community like that particularly, but in -- I think in any city in the USA, becomes a joke, and, therefore, the station becomes a joke, and you can't be a joke if you want to compete in the news area."

"Are you aware that in every newscaster's contract, there's a moral clause that says, if you embarrass the station publicly in any way, they can let you go.... Once you go public and do something like that, although it's not illegal, it embarrasses your employer because your employer operates on credibility."

So naturally, I expect O'Reilly's forced resignation from FoxNews any day now.



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