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Saturday, October 09, 2004

And it goes on like this...

Everyone seems to think it was quite a spirited debate last night. Oooh, the zingers! Body blow! Uppercut!

In reality it was about as exciting as watching two people say the exact 4 or 5 sound bites they've been saying for a year or so now over and over and over. Bush didn't walk out with shit all over his hands and ask Kerry for five bucks, so the right wing community is falling over themselves proclaiming victory.

Not since the Special Olympics have I seen so many people impressed with so little. Just because 'Corky' Bush didn't crap his pants at the starter's pistol doesn't mean he won. As soon as the debate was over, my wife was amazed that I thought it was essentially a tie, but I was taking into account that for Bush's base, a perfect debate is one where you don't choke on a pretzel or pee on the bible. According to them, he did a great job showing off his 'passion' without confusing everyone with facts and nuance.

The best response to Bush's nonstop claims of Kerry's flip-flopping came from one of the pundits afterward (I forget who). "Kerry changes his opinion to suit the facts, and Bush tries to change the facts to suit his opinion'. I'll just leave it at that.



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