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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Krazy Kompassionate Konservatism

Every once in awhile, right wing republicans will accidentally take off their mask to reveal the unpleasantness buried underneath so called 'compassionate conservativeness'. Check out this article for instance.

His genius idea is that people should be able to vote multiple times based on how much money they have. Fucking fantastic! This just goes to show how progressive today's modern conservative is. After all, why shouldn't we go back to the days when only land-owning white men could vote. It sure would solve a lot of problems that black people, the poor and women have caused over the last 80 years or so.

My favorite part, however, is his idea that there should be a limit to prohibit Hillary Clinton from getting too many votes, cause after all, she is the richest democrat in the world and nothing but pure evil (based on her having a vagina and an opinion simultaneously).

Which brings us to tonight's debate. Many people are hopeful that Kerry will score a big victory, but I'm far too pessimistic. After all, how much worse could Bush screw up and still hold such a following. I'm pretty sure that he could spend the whole hour sucking his thumb and making fart noises and 40% of the population would think that it made him 'real'...



Blogger Chester blathered...

The tragedy of this year is that we somehow ended up with an "orator" even less engaging than Al Gore.

6:11 PM

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