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Sunday, October 03, 2004

More Cathartic Horseshit

"Jack of all trades, master of none". Yeah, I fucking wish! I would say up to this point I am a 6 or 7 of all trades and lack the persistence or attention span to reach the level of Jack.

At any given point, there's about a hundred things that I'd love to do really well. Speak spanish, fix old cars, DJ, make movies, argue politics or religeon from a really well educated stance, cook well, have a successful career, learn real computer stuff and not just be able to dick around on the internet, get in shape. You fucking name it, and I've probably spent some small part of my life screwing around with it.

The repeating pattern, however, is that at the exact moment when I either need to choose to stick with it and get good at it or give it up, I convince myself that I probably wouldn't enjoy it for very much longer and then would be saddled doing something I didn't like (Or, to translate, I'm too goddamn lazy to actually see it through). It takes an incredible amount of self-denial and complete bullshit, but that's something that I actually have taken the time to master. I could enroll in a class to become manager of chocolate factory staffed with big breasted hookers, and I would probably drop out after a few weeks because I wouldn't want a job to ruin my love of chocolate and breasts.

As I creep closer and closer to the big 3-5, it occurs to me that I've got to choose something. There aren't many 60-year old warehouse temps out there, and I'm pretty sure that's not from a lack of looking.

Maybe I'll enroll in a class on how to get paid for pissing away spare time. Nah, then I'd just develop a hatred of time-wasting....



Blogger Marti C blathered...

Go back to school. That is my answer for why haven't you settled on a career. Now I get to be between jobs for at least five years and defer my student loans. It really is a win-win plus people think you're smart if you're in grad school :)

1:35 PM


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