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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Boise Sucks!

How's that for an attention getting headline?

Every once in awhile, I hear about someone reading this piddling little bit of retard-scrawl that really surprises me. The other day, I heard that a friend of mine that I haven't seen in a long time (We'll just call her Susie C. , No wait, that's too obvious, we'll just call her S. Crain) reads this thing daily, and was really upset when I didn't post for a couple of days during my trip to southern California.

Let me just say that I really do appreciate the kind words and such that people have said to me or through friends. The idea that anyone would be disappointed when I don't post (even if that's a complete and total lie) is probably the only thing that kicks my ass enough to continue to post, if that makes any sense.

I really can't tell if this is a self-serving, humble or just plain weird topic. Perhaps the answer lies in drinking more beer...



Blogger Chester blathered...

For what it's worth, I turned to alcohol during your weekend in Southern California.

Oh, wait...I do that every weekend.

Still, it's always nice to read your weekend posts while filthy-drunk, so keep it up.

1:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous blathered...

Boise does suck. As does Nambla Neil. What a fag. Now he's at qwest.

8:05 AM


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