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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Things I'll miss about Connecticut

Yeah, just recently got done serving a 3 year bid in the 'nutmeg state' (without ever having nutmeg) and thought I'd list off some of the things I will miss about living there;

1) the weather - yes it's oppressive, winters never end, the sweltering heat of summer seems endless, but at least it changes. It probably won't feel much like Christmas when it's 75 degrees outside and you can still see the ground. Of course, by the time April rolls around and it's still 5 degrees and snowing out, you've had enough of old man winter.

2) ordering a 'wedge' in Stamford, a 'sub' in Bridgeport, and a 'roll' in Waterbury. It's all the same sandwich! How's that for wacky? Just don't call it a Hoagie or people'll think you're wicked queer.

3) Nothing else! Connecticut is the U.S. version of pergatory. It's a pain in the ass to get to NYC, a pain in the ass to get to Boston, and a pain in the ass to get to the pretty parts of New England like Vermont. Plus it's populated with a grating, awful mix of uber-wealthy douchebags (Greenwich, Ridgefield) , complete dullards (Hartford, Newtown), hopeless poverty (Bridgeport, New Haven), and Northeastern rednecks (Branford, Guilford).

So in the unlikely scenario that you are presented with an opportunity to move to Connecticut, let me just say, don't....



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