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Monday, August 02, 2004

Givin my Liver the Business, again.

Last Saturday, in a desperate attempt to stay as far away from any place that was in the Guardian's latest 'best of the bay' issue, we went to a house party, the Lone Palm on 22nd & Guerrero and the Liberties (formerly Cafe Babar) right across the street.

For an earlier hangout (7-9pm), the Lone Palm can't be beat. Dark, swanky, tablecloths (in the mission?). The jury's still out on Liberties, however. Probably the last thing San Francisco needs is another Irish bar that's not really Irish, and Babar had a nice vibe to it. You could just hang out, play pool and drink hot sake all night without being pressured into ordering fish and chips or shepards pie.

Have to mention a couple places gone to on friday as well. Stopped by Il Pirata on 16th & Potrero. Nice little dive. Then was off to Dylan's, a welsh bar on 19th & Folsom which still hasn't built a shrine to Catherine Zeta-Jones yet. Then went to a newer place called Bender's on 19th & VanNess. I like the vibe a lot. Sort of a combination of Zeitgeist's and an australian surfer bar. Really nice staff as well. Then it was on for one drink at Cha Cha Cha on Mission and on to the Rickshaw stop. Both places are recommended, although Cha Cha is pretty overpriced and is a real 'scene' at times.

Oh well, that's it for this edition of 'This Old Liver'...



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