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Friday, July 30, 2004

Ultimate Film Fanatic?

Ok, I know it's an almost impossible task to try and devise a game show that's going to find the country's biggest movie geek. Good for IFC and Chris Gore for trying, but this show annoys me on several levels.

First of all, 2 out of the 3 rounds are completely subjective. Traci Lords, Shaft and that heroin addict Jason Mewes are left to decide who won debates and who's got the nerdier set of movie tchotchkes. I think they should just call the show 'What does a girl who had more sex on-screen before she was 14 than you'll have in your whole life think of your action figure collection?'

The show also seems kind of sexist in a 'afraid of girls at the sci-fi con' kind of way. I was pleased to see several women represented on a recent episode, but for some reason, that's when Chris decided to trot out categories like 'Schwarzenegger movies', 'fellatio in film' and 'action, action, action'. All 3 women were unceremoniously dumped missing questions that if they'd gotten right, would've made me think they were lesbians.

And finally, there's just something off-putting about Chris Gore. He's just like that one guy at every comic book store in the country. You know the guy. He hangs out next to the register all day but doesn't work there, and you better believe he's got an opinion on whatever you're about to buy. If he doesn't snicker to himself in disapproval, he'll tell you why you 'should' like what you're getting.



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