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Monday, August 09, 2004

Stupid Hippies

Apparently over the weekend, some group of jackasses made a fake video of a guy being beheaded to see if they could get the big news services to pick it up. It worked, and for a few hours on Saturday, AP and Reuters both believed to have footage of some soldier getting his head chopped off. Read all about it in the Chron, here.

Kudos to these thick-headed fucking idiots for setting back their own 'cause' another 10 years or so.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that they were trying to show the pervasive laziness and poor reporting that passes for news these days, but do you really think Joe 6-pack is running down to Borders to pick up Noam Chomsky books because of your little stunt? Aren't there about a million better ways you could have made this point? Now all you've done is made a lot of people pissed off that may have joined you and taken up your cause.

These are probably the same dickheads who fuck up every peace protest by muddling it with bullshit about Mumia and legal weed and a hundred other issues that the bulk of the people there don't give a fuck about, thereby making the activist left look like a bunch of disorganized college dropouts looking for another excuse to smoke pot outdoors. You are your own worst enemy, you stupid patchouli-stinkin' dirt people, and every day it's not 1969 anymore, you do more harm to your causes than good.



Blogger d blathered...

Well said.

Couldn't agree with you more.


2:40 AM

Anonymous Anthony Van blathered...

Hippie wannabees are useless fuckface eaters period. I wish they would all burn to death. We have enough of them up here in Canada fucking things up as fast as they can without the ones coming up from the States because they want to escape from mean old Bush. We should make them live in Communes out in the bush(otherwise known as stalags or Siberia)

3:59 PM


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