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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Obligatory Michael Moore Post

I just have to ask the right wing something. Do you have any legitimate criticisms about Michael Moore other than 'Ha ha, he's fat'?

Click here for a 'hilarious' expose of that 'elitist', 'lying', and 'oh, did I mention fat?' Michael Moore

Once you get past this guy's hilarious satire, and halfway through some awful, reaching at straws attempt to portray Michael Moore as a bigoted, wealthy liar along the same lines as, say, Dick Cheney, he then mentions rather off-handedly that he has no intention of ever seeing Farenheit 9/11. He did however make it through 'as much of Columbine as he could stomach'. It must be so painful to live your life becoming physically ill when you're not being spoon fed information you already know and agree with.

I guess the thing I don't understand is, if Michael Moore is such a monster, where were all these people before he took on Bush? I mean, if this guy's a child molesting, fundamentalist muslim that hates the working class almost as much as he hates black people, you would think people would have risen up and thrown him in jail by now.

The other thing that always confuses me is, given that most documentary film-makers NEVER make any money doing it, why would this corpulent, greedy, racist and hate-filled man choose documentaries to make his evil, evil fortune? Why would he then continue to make movies that clearly Disney thought no one wanted to see? Why not just continue to write books from his 'upper west side palace' that he stands atop, emerging only to go stuff himself silly at Tavern on the Green or dump hot oil on his doorman and laugh.

Let me just say this to the right wing. Your hatred is only making Michael Moore richer and giving him a larger voice. Much in the same way that attacking Kerry's war record is only serving to remind people that GW spent that same part of his life doing lines of coke off of his national guard flight manual. So, in other words, keep it up!



Blogger Phil blathered...

Thank you for the comments. I have put up my own little sed contra to the response, if you're interested:

Unfortunately, not brief. Sadly, it seems like they never are anymore....ah well, perhaps I will be concise someday.

3:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous blathered...

But Michael Moore IS fat. Like a GMC Pacer in a sweatsoaked ball cap. Right?

9:42 PM

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