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Monday, November 07, 2005

Let The Record Show That The Defendant Made The 'Drinky Drinky' Motion....

Does drinking kill brain cells? Sure, but only the weak ones. Once again, Barrespondent Drew does the dirty work of getting rid of the less important parts of his mind, like the part that reminds you to eat every once in awhile, or the part that makes you write all good…

Every once in blue moon, some friend of ours will begrudgingly invite us along to some hip, happening club in town. They always think we'll be all 'bar snobby' about it and hate it, but what they fail to realize is that if a place has booze, its already 95% of the way there to winning us over.

Blue Cube, on Mason and Turk, a self-proclaimed ‘Entertainment Laboratory and Arts and Music Educator', is really just a massive 3 level bar with two big dance floors, a couple of sparse but adequate bars and even a smoking lounge (!). Upon first impression, the outside of this place, the immediate vicinity, and indeed some of the people inside this place are more than a little on the sketchy side. But once you get deep in and begin to get your groove on, this place is a lot of fun.

Having gone there primarily to see our close personal acquaintance and future superstar gold-chain wearin’ master of the ones and twos, DJ Swayzee (who did not disappoint even if the crowd did), we were immediately shocked by the size of this place. Expecting something along the lines of a ‘Hush Hush’ sized venue, it immediately became apparent that this place has a lot more in common with places like Mezzanine than with the average neighborhood bar.

Service and drink selection here are ‘club-like’. Don’t go in expecting to have a conversation with anyone, even on the comparatively quiet smoker’s patio. That, and don’t expect long lists of special martinis and drink specials or a big choice of microbrews. Just show up with your dancin’ shoes, get stuck into whatever’s relatively cheap and shake it!

Liver… Out!!



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