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Saturday, July 23, 2005

PTE; They Took My Sports Away!!

It's been a slow couple of weeks over at PTE, so here's a post from a couple of weeks ago. More of a cry for help really.


No wonder Wilbon and Kornheiser usually take about a month off this time of year. Ain't a damn thing going on but the rent.

My heart goes out to poor slobs like Michael Smith and that pompous guy from the Kansas City Star that hosted last Friday. It's gotta be hard to fill a half an hour with takes on the Tour De France and whether or not Kenny Rogers should pitch in the all-star game or open up another franchise of roasted chicken restaurants.

Since all hockey's played indoors in cities with no winters now anyways, why not bump hockey season up to start in mid-june? I gotta think that any remotely watchable sport has a chance of succeeding now. After all, if your only competition is MLS, the WNBA and the exciting buildup to the baseball Allstar game, how badly could you do?



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