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Friday, July 22, 2005

Laziest Post Ever

Kind of stuck for anything, so apart from mentioning to the 4 or 5 local readers that don't already know about it that the San Francisco 3 minute Film Festival is this Saturday and that they should be there or kindly be square, I might as well list off the first ten random things that come up on my wife's I-Pod (which I helped program, so it's kind of like my random ten).

It's basically the musical equivalent of digging through my toenails and asking you if you think I should see a doctor;

Zero 7 - This World

Super Furry Animals - End of The World

Cocteau Twins - Pearly Dewdrops drops

Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin Beats

Superjesus - Down Again

Gang of Four - To Hell With Poverty

Mando Diao - God Knows

Happy Mondays - 24 Hour Party People

Prodigy - Breathe

New Order - Temptation

Alright? Alright. Special thanks to the sucka MCs of Liebography for the pants-filling pic.



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