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Friday, June 17, 2005

Fixing The Facts Around The Policy? Why, That Could Mean Anything!

According to Bill Frist, this is a picture of Stevie Wonder 'obviously responding to visual stimuli'

I guess I shouldn't be surprised by the way Republicans are reacting to the fact that most of their arguments that they've been making for the past several years are crumbling around them. The Downing Street Memo, The Terri Schiavo autopsy etc. A rational person might take a step back and say, "Oh shit, I guess I was dead wrong about that. My bad.". Of course, rationality is the property of those demon-lovin' godless secular humanists and their ilk. These people will stick with what's worked up until now, closing their eyes real tight and shouting whatever their pastor tells them to.

Both of these items were not just smoking guns, these were massive cannons with GW Bush and Randall Terry caught standing next to them with a lighter in one hand and another cannonball in the other, unspinnable proof of lies and deception. So what's the response been from the media and indeed, most people? "Hey, did you see that Michael Jackson verdict?", "Boy that Howard Dean sure is crazy", and "Tom Cruise is even crazier than Howard Dean!".

The fact that the right's official response to Downing Street is "No one cares" is just awful. So basically, what you're cynically saying is, "Yeah, so the President lied, so we've all been lying for the last 3 years, so what. We had to because you're so dumb that if we told you the truth, you wouldn't have wanted us to go to war.". Just make sure the President doesn't lie about getting a blowjob, however, or we'll have to have him impeached.

The greatest trick that the Republican party seems to be able to pull again and again is the ability to call their own supporters idiots to their face. "Yeah, uh, we'd of loved to tell you the truth that we wanted to throw Sadamm out for personal revenge reasons and to make Dick Cheney's friends rich, but you people are too dumb to understand that, so we made up the whole Weapons of Mass Destruction thing. I guess if we have to apologize for anything, it's that we underestimated how dumb y'all are. Sorry 'bout that.".

In the Shiavo case, you have an autopsy that proved several things; she wasn't going to live much longer, she'd been blind for a long time, and that she had a brain left that was about as big as an acorn and in danger of rolling out of her ear. My favorite is the discovery of her blindness just because it makes Dr. 'analysis by satellite' Frist's statement that "She obviously responds to visual stimuli" look rather silly. Well that and every other word he's ever said. OK, so game over, right? People will at least listen to someone doing an autopsy, right? After all, he's got nothing to gain one way or the other so we can nail this particular coffin shut, eh?

Wrong again. Of course, the people still defending Shiavo never wanted any scientific proof one way or the other. They just BELIEVE and you could put the autopsy report on an endless loop and lock these glossy-eyed idiots in a room with it and they'd just clutch the good book, sway back and forth and say, "It doesn't matter, because I BELIEVE.".

And therein lies the problem. Why even pretend we have intelligent debate in this country if half of the argument is, "Well, whatever, I believe in Jesus."? If we can't even get past something as easy to understand as evolution with these people, what possible hope is there for those trying to argue complex issues like Stem Cell research and death with dignity?

Oh well, either way, I just hope our President keeps on lying to us. It just shows us how much he cares!



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