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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Ran-dom and Dumber

Just a few things that caught my eye and/or made me laugh/cry/lose control of my bowels;

Best Headline about the Michael Jackson verdict:

"Wacko Jacko Escape-o Buttrape-o"

Good news for people who like... er... want to... uh... Ok, not good news for anyone:

Sirius Radio's new Margaritaville station. All Jimmy Buffett, all the time!!

Most depressing statistic ever:

4,621,000 people watch WWE Wrestling, 1,400,000 watch The Daily Show.

Worst argument for something I believe in:

The last election was rigged because Vegas odds-makers had Kerry as a 2-1 favorite and they're never wrong.

And finally,

Most useful information I've gotten online in months:

How to make wine in prison.

Special thanks to any and all thievery victims whose hard work and ruthless determination to uncover interesting information made it possible for me to randomly sample their stuff and make a lazy post of my own in about 5 minutes.



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