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Monday, May 02, 2005

And It's A Home Run... (Yawn) And The Giants Win The Pennant... (Sigh) This Game Was Brought To You By...

At what point did this guy realize he'd made a horrible mistake?

Thanks to everyone who voted. I could actually afford to buy everyone who voted a drink, all five of you. I must say, it was fun watching the progression in the comments last week from 'excited debate' to 'bored concertgoer giving the band the middle finger'. Oh well, perhaps we've all learned a valuable lesson about popularity contests. Or perhaps we've just learned the limits of our own geekiness. Once you start picking apart the merits of the historical significance of Pong vs. the playability of Altered Beast you've definitely crossed some sort of line.

So enjoy your winner, which, by a 3-2 vote, was indeed Pac Man.

Now that I'm back on the sauce, hopefully I won't have to resort to such obvious time-wasters.



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