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Sunday, April 03, 2005

SFist Reprint

A weekly exercise in the mental gymnastics required to remember just where the hell we went last night. We suppose you could also call it a bar review column. Submitted as usual by SFist's resident loudmouth soup officianado, Drew.

Being April Fools Day and all, we thought we'd try and find the funniest bar in town for this week's review. Strangely enough, however, most bars aren't that funny in and of themselves. They may have funny patrons or a cut-up bartender pouring the drinks, but for the most part, the 'ha-ha' quotient of your local watering hole won't be determined by the building itself.

Never willing to admit defeat (or stop drinking when we should), we plowed on (pun intended), determined to find a place funny by its mere existence, not by the folks inside. Hmmm... How about Would You Believe, Cocktails? Very funny name, but not so funny inside. The Embers? Well, it was full of clown paintings, but then burned to ground which isn't so funny. Stay tuned for the now over-hyped funny business after the jump.

The Napper Tandy, in the heart of the south Mission on 24th and VanNess is an Irish bar in a Mexican neighborhood that seems to serve a primarily hipster crowd that's not particularly in the mood for either culture. Decorated more like a Cuban mambo club than an Irish pub and then sprinkled with Guiness posters, Nappers can be a little confusing at first, and downright hilarious after a few cocktails.

A huge space that takes up the entire corner, The Napper Tandy has the feel of a restaurant that no one eats in. The bar is very popular, but I didn't notice anyone going in back to sit at one of the 20 or so tables towards the rear. The bartender seemed to be authentically Irish and did pour a great Guiness, but once you looked around at the hot orange decor and 10 taquerias visible through the window, it tended to make for a slightly unconvincing Emerald Isle replica.

It's this very paradox, however, that makes The Napper Tandy endearing. Why go somewhere that authentically duplicates one particular culture, making you feel like you're at Epcot Center when you can be treated to a totally funny experience only possible when you mash together 5 or 6 different cultures? Ok, maybe that's not laugh-out-loud hilarious, but it's a good enough start until you get the whoopie cushion inflated.

Liver... Out!!



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