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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Gimme A 'C'... A Bouncy 'C'!!!!

It's time for a column that I would call "Stuff that you should be listening to". That is, I would if I didn't, like most Gen-X losers, have a sneaking suspicion that my taste in music sucks as much as anyone else's.

So here goes. There's lots of new stuff out there, so stay with your tour guide.

Adam Green - Gemstones. Ain't no getting around it, if you listen to Adam Green you're either going to hate it or love it. Think of him as the bastard love child of Beck and MC Paul Barman, in other words, a foul-mouthed jerk who plays folk music just to piss you off.

Kasabian - Kasabian. Think of Stereo MCs mixed with Lo-Fidelity Allstars and a pinch of Achtung Baby era U2 and you're several pretentious references away from defining this band. Me likey.

Beck - Guero. What can I say? Even the albums that everyone seems to hate (Mutations) I still like or at least respect. If he'd released nothing but Odelay-style records for the last 10 years, everyone would be sicker of him than we'll be of the Scissor Sisters in 10 years. This new album should placate his party-people fans for a while.

Moby - Hotel. Tough call. At times I really like this new double album and at other times, it just seems like pop drivel. Pass for now.

Mando Diao - Hurricane Bar. You can thank The Hives for using their white dress shoes to kick open the door for bands like this to gain worldwide popularity. Say what you will, though, it's catchy as heck. If you've always loved the Clash, but you're not sure why you hated Radio 4, check this out.

Leave new bands I should be ashamed to have left out in the comments.

P.S. sux ass as usual and I'd like you geeks to give me the last hour of my life back please.



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Where did you get that pic of Martin Short?

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