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Monday, March 28, 2005

Your Next, Gary Larson!!

"According to this magazine I just read, the old vaudevillian terrorists used to use these 'seltzer bottles' to humiliate those who didn't believe in the politics of personal destruction."

The fun-loving goofballs down at American Spectator Magazine are eager to show that their right-wing hate-rag has a dynamite sense of humor and enjoys a good joke as much as the next person (well, maybe not their wives... or that guy down the street... or the man at the coffee place.. or..), OK, come to think of it, most people enjoy a good joke more than they do. In this month's issue, they name the WORST BOOK OF THE YEAR. Being a politically minded serious publication, I would imagine they would pick some dangerously leftist work that soberly picks apart conservative ideals and presents its arguments in chilling detail trying to bring down the party of Lincoln.

Nope, they chose a JOKE BOOK, written by COMEDY writers, which has the word 'parody' written into the text about a hundred times. Yup, there's nothing that tells people how well thought out your position is than being intellectually threatened by comedians.

I love how the right is constantly talking about how tired they are of 'politcal correctness', but the moment someone cracks wise about their boy (or in the case of 'America The Book', the whole political system), suddenly it's time to censor the shit out of them.

So look out Jim Davis, keep Garfield to Lasagne and Monday jokes or next year's TAS will put you on their bookburning list.

My apologies to blog The American Street, for having the same initials as the awful right wing magazine in question.



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