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Monday, March 21, 2005

Stop The Non-Existent Internet Presses!!

If only there was a drug that could make his head bigger...

I just completely reversed my opinion on an issue. From black to white, from striped to solid. I've had an epiphany that I can't hold two concurrent beliefs because they essentially contradict each other. In other words, I done changed my mind.

The issue at hand is the most important one we currently face as a nation. Yes, of course I'm talking about steroids. They've had a lot more congressional hearings on steroids than they have about either Abu-Ghareb or the leaking of Valerie Plame's name, so obviously this is the issue that our grandkids will judge us on.

So back to my flip-flop. If you'd asked me a couple of days ago about Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco and the boys, I would've said that they deserve all this scrutiny and being taken to task for lying under oath and so on because they broke the law. Steroids are illegal, they did 'em, rake them over the coals. I still think McGwire's a chicken shit horse's ass for his bullshit testimony last Thursday. "I'm not here to talk about the past"? What kind of crap is that? You're not at an autograph convention laying down the ground rules for what you'll sign, you'll fucking talk about whatever the fucking Congress of the United States is asking you, you egotistical jerk.

Anyway, I think that doing steroids is wrong, that it endangers the lives of those who take them and creates an unfair playing field for those who don't take them. This describes just about every 'recreational' drug as well, and I'm FOR the legalization of every recreational drug on the planet. If people are willing to accept responsibility for the terrible damage they may be doing to their mind and body in return for some short term gain, then great, go for it.

Do I think baseball should regulate performance enhancing drugs? Of course, just like they currently do with Cocaine and amphetamines. Test them for it and suspend them if they're using. Otherwise, it's a matter of the players and their union taking personal responsibility for it. If they're unable or unwilling to police themselves, then the players will wind up like Lyle Alzado and Ken Caminiti and die prematurely. If that's the price they're willing to pay to entertain me with a few extra home runs, it's not my business to do anything but say, "Hey idiot, you probably shouldn't do that.".

What it comes down to for me is that drugs are drugs. You can no sooner subtract from someone's stats for enhancing drugs (steroids, coke, speed) than you could add to the stats of people who played under the influence of performance inhibiting drugs (alcohol, weed, acid) so getting the guv-ment involved makes no sense.



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