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Friday, March 18, 2005

Thanks for Everything, Killian's Red

So there's a Jew, a Mexican and a colored fella... Nevermind.

Ugggh... Seems to me that if anyone ever wanted to take over Ireland and just, you know, own it or whatever, that they could just walk in on March 18th with a slightly annoying bell and leadership would be theirs in minutes. But I digress, digressing helps me keep solid food down at the minute.

There, that's better (thanks, Large glass of water!). Now I can get to the business at hand, telling the waitress at the Kezar Pub last night not to lie to your customers.

Listen lady, I know you were really busy last night and having a whole bar full of once-a-year lightweights is a real pisser, but do you honestly think I believe that someone 'stole' my order of Buffalo Wings? "I'm sorry, I forgot to place the order" or "I gave away your order because I'm easily distracted by fratguys.". Both of these would have been fine responses, but stolen?

You're just lucky those wings were tasty, m'lassy!!!



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