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Sunday, March 20, 2005

SFist Reprint

Staggering Through Fog

An ongoing journey through the City's dusty, aged underbelly of Taverns, Bars, Speakeasys and Jukejoints. Actually, just the first two. No one's seen a Jukejoint around here since monocles and spats went out of style. By your Barrespondent, Drew.

Most of the bars we've reviewed so far could be categorized as 'dives', which is basically to say that they're not very clean, don't make a lot of fuss about their appearance and generally exist to give people a place to get drunk that's not quite as depressing as their apartment/ hotel/ methodone clinic. Every once in awhile, however, you just gotta go somewhere nice. Somewhere swanky, upscale and hip. A place where pretty people order pretty drinks for pretty near what they pay for indoor tanning every month. This week's bar fits that bill, and somehow did it without annoying us to death.

Lime on Market near Castro is cool. In fact, if it were any cooler it would immediately become less cool because it wouldn't let degenerates like us into it, sweater and pressed pants not withstanding. From the color-changing bar with imbedded tv screens showing 'exotic' movie clips to the super mod Saarinnen furniture throughout, Lime is a sumptuously comfortable place to see and be seen.

Don't misunderstand us, however, Lime is not a meet-market crowd at all. While there are certainly plenty of good looking people about, we never once felt pressured to get out lest we ugly up the place. Lime walks a wonderful tightrope of being comfortable and a spectacle all at once. The bartenders are nice enough, but should maybe crack a smile more often if they're going to charge $10 a drink. However, the drinks are well made and the atmosphere more than compensates the extra grip you'll have to lie down.

So if you're tired of watching that dog with the bandana lick the ashtrays clean at your local dive, throw on a nice sweater and give the Lime a try.

Liver... Out!!!



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