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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Mmmm... That's Good Whack-Job...

Is there a Guiness Book category for 'worst alibi that worked'?

During Robert Blake's 'exit-interview' from court last week, when he wasn't talking about how broke he is and how David Lynch should hurry up and make more movies 'cause he needs work, he was talking about getting behind the wheel of a motor home in order to 'feel the wind through his hair' and find a bar in Arizona.

If you own a bar in Arizona, you may want to think twice about serving drinks to someone who chopped the top off of a motor home to feel the wind in his hair. Oh yeah, that and he's clearly insane and killed his wife.

The jury in the Blake case, in another 'OJ-esque' round of judicial retardedness, threw out all testimony from the stuntman that Blake tried to hire to kill his wife because evidence was presented that he did drugs at one point. HE'S A STUNTMAN THAT ROBERT BLAKE WAS TRYING TO GET TO KILL HIS WIFE. Were you expecting him to ask around the local seminary? My guess is that Robert Blake hung around a lot of people that did drugs. I base this on the rather obvious fact that he's a fucking drugged-up lunatic himself. His life was a lot more 'Big Tuna, Texas' than Bel Air, California but somehow he's supposed to find the nice, straight-shootin' murder for hire guy in town. Oh well...

But let's not lose track of what's important here. If you own a bar in Arizona, and you see someone come barrelling down the road in half of a motorhome that looks like this:

Close up early for the night.



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