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Monday, March 14, 2005

Time To Play "Funny, Not Funny"

Not Funny....................... Funny

I don't know if anyone caught Kelsey Grammer's sketch show last night on Fox, but if you did, I'm very sorry. In spite of having genuinely funny people involved like Paul F. Tompkins and Mary-Lynn Raskjub, it was miserable. I think they were going for a LaughIn type of style, but the joke-writing was on par with For Better or For Worse or Family Circus.

On the other hand, WONDER SHOWZEN on Mtv (who won't even acknowledge that it's on but I didn't dream it, I swear.) is goddamn hilarious. Brian sent me this clip awhile back and they've finally fleshed it out to a full show and got it on the air. Did I mention it's the funniest most subversive thing I've seen on TV EVER? It's better than TV Funhouse for uncomfortable laughs. Done in the style of Sesame Street, Wonder Showzen starts out with kids singing over images of children, animals, JFK Junior saluting and finally the Hindenberg. Here's some more highlights:

The Q&A segment asks a bunch of kids (real kids, mind you) "Where Do Babies Come From?". Here's some of their answers: "Lack of identity", "Desire for welfare", "Carelessness", and my personal favorite, "Ignored prayers".

Wonder Showzen shows on MTV2 quite a bit, but you can also catch it once a week on regular MTV at 11:30 Sunday nights. Set your Tivos dammit!!



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