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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Big Game Hunting

One of the ways I spend my spare time is by pissing off blow-hard republican assholes online. One of them is some guy in Florida (of course) who runs a blog called Mr. Blonde's Garage. He thinks he's smart because he uses words like 'strawmen' and 'clashpoint'. He's also a huge Yankees fan, so yesterday was great for even one more reason. Here's part of his response to the Yankees loss last night and my response to it.

"Was this the biggest choke job in the history of sports? My answer: No. I’ll explain later."

Look at you Jay. It only happened hours ago and you're already spinning. OF COURSE it's the biggest choke of all time. No team has ever done this before (and dont' tell me about the 1942 Maple Leafs, that's garbage). The best part is that this record can never be beaten, only tied!! Better start hoping they extend the ALCS to a best-of-nine or the Yankees will forever be known as the biggest chokers ever.

I think the turning point of the entire series was that bush-league bitch A-Rod sissy-slapping the ball from Arroyo. From that point on, the Sox knew that the Yankees thought they had to cheat to win. It's kind of like this year's presidential race. The turning point was the Swift Boat veterans. Once they were exposed to be nothing more than partisan liars, people realized how low the right wing wouuld go and combined with three drubbings in the debates, people are flocking to Kerry. Looks like it's gonna be a rough couple o' weeks for ya Jay...

And how does it feel to get beat by the two guys that ZERO Sox fans would've bet on to be heroes, Damon and Lowe?



Anonymous Anonymous blathered...

no, not ZERO. the day before sean said johhny D is busting out tomorrow. thank you and god bless.

11:36 AM

Blogger Jeff blathered...

Or how 'bout having your two big off-season pitching aquisitions, Brown and Vasquez, serve it up last night? For guys getting paid as much as they are, they throw a mean game of batting practice.

2:52 PM

Blogger History-Class blathered...

As I pointed out to Jeff, lost in the hoopla of A-Rod's bitch slap is the fact that he cost Jeter second base, where he would've been had he just been tagged out. That said, it would've been a very different inning for the Yankees hitters with a man on second-make no mistake, A-Rod made a huge error, not in trying to do it, but in not realizing the consequences.

8:32 PM


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