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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Death of Debating

"Yeah, well Kerry's just a better debater". I've heard this said about a million times since the debates by republican apologists as a way to concede the debates, but then cheapen that victory at the same time. Rush Limbaugh referred to John Kerry as "A Slickster debater". All of the sudden, to be good at debating is a bad thing. It makes you part of the 'liberal over-educated elite'.

What the fuck is going on with this country when debating, DEBATING is viewed as something a presidential candidate shouldn't be good at? What the fuck do you think presidents do? It's not like plumbing or tricking out a '66 Impala. Presidents actually benefit from being articulate.
You see, presidents engage in discussions with other leaders of the World in order to try and reconcile conflicts and make everyone safer. Personally, I would like the person in this position to be 'smart'. Yes, maybe even smarter than me! Why in the holy name of fucking christ would you allow jealousy over someone's 'book-learnin' and debating skills to cloud your judgement over who should be running the country.

Some advice for you morons out there that are going to vote for him; The rest of the world isn't impressed by George Bush's idiocy the way the retarded, mouth-breathing right wing of this country is. The rest of the world isn't 'charmed' by his down-home, no nonsense method of speaking. The rest of the world doesn't admire his strong faith that prohibits him from admitting mistakes. The rest of the world is frightened that the largest military on the planet is controlled by someone who can't string together 5 words that make sense if his life depends on it.



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