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Monday, October 18, 2004

Memo to Coors Light

Hey Adolph Coors, if that is your REAL name (I assume it is. Who would change their name to Adolph?), about your nonstop television and radio advertising for Coors Light, I just want to say, We get it. We completely understand that Coors Light is a beer made for complete assholes. Yes, yes, If you're a 30-something former frat guy trying to drown out the memory of the time when you sucked off four pledges as part of 'initiation', then we understand that Coors Light is the memory inhibitor of choice.

Here's a current radio ad that runs at least 3 times an hour on sportstalk radio;

To the tune of 'Take me Out To The Ballgame', which is already the most annoying song of all time.
"Take me out to the party, Take me out to the bar, buy us some pitchers of cold coors light, I hope I got her phone number right, cause it's those blondes, brunettes and those redheads, with rings in their bellies and ears, Cause it's 1,2,3 nights a week with my Bro's and Beer".

Every single word makes me want to vomit in my own mouth. It certainly makes me want to never even consider drinking Coors Light ever again, which isn't so hard since it tastes like cold-filtered urine anyway.

Seriously though, if this advertising (which includes the equally awful "...And Twins" campaign) appeals to you in the least, please take the next available opportunity to drive your Camaro into the brick wall that surrounds the planned community you live in.



Anonymous Anonymous blathered...

Elect a Coors to the Senate!

9:45 PM


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