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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Sample the Vote!

Saw a clip of P. Diddy on This Week with George Stephanopolous (or however the hell you spell it) talking about how he knows that blacks will come out and vote in force this election because he 'knows his people'. Good for him, I guess, for getting involved.

The quesion that immediately came to my mind was 'What kind of weird fantasy world does Mr. Daddy-Diddy live in that he thinks poorly sampling other people's music several years ago places his finger directly on the pulse of the African-American community?'. It's kind of hard to be so 'influential' when you rip off other people's music for a living. I know that he used to run a record company or something, but what exactly is it that Sean Combs does for a living these days? He's spent the last few years just degenerating into one of those 'Charo' level celebrities that exists only to appear on bad game shows and occasionally show up on the back page of the Enquirer when they go broke and the IRS shows up to tow away their Escalade.

So enjoy being on actual news shows for now, Mr. Diddy. I look forward to seeing you trade barbs with Burt Reynolds on the all new 2006 Super Password.



Anonymous Anonymous blathered...

Andrew!! It's Chad Ostboe. I sent you an email and posted to your July blog, but am not sure you check those so I am posting to your most recent post.

Send me an email dude!! I am at I'll send you my phone number once I get an email. Let's catch up!

10:07 AM

Anonymous Anonymous blathered...

Hey honky-chateau, let's not be so hasty in our appraisal of these stars...Burt Reynolds was great in Citizen Ruth as the preacher with the adopted boy masseuse. Also let's not forget Smokey and the Bandit II!

3:21 PM


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