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Monday, September 27, 2004

You Must Be This Eurotrash to Enter...

We spent sunday night at The Standard Hotel on Sunset in Hollywood. It's a 'uber-hip' hotel that really goes the extra mile to cater to Arab and European ideals of what Hollywood is like.

The decor is decidedly modern. Hanging plastic chairs, shag carpet and a freakin' DJ next to the registration desk. At night, the space behind registration, which is basically a glass display case, has a girl lying on her stomach reading in it. Just lying there like a hamster waiting to get fed pellets. I couldn't help but wonder what that job interview must've been like. "So, can you lie down and read? Great, you're hired. Here's your white pajamas."

The pool area was completely overrun with the gorgeous and bored, shelling out $12 for a mediocre mojito while they talk loudly about what clubs they're going to ruin that evening. Overall though, I have to recommend it. If you're going to stay in Hollywood, you might as well experience its fakeness for real.



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