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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

What are you gonna DO with your life!!???

I generally live in a constant state of confusion about how I want to live my life. From huge aspects to the minutest detail, I constantly waver back and forth.

Tiny apartment in the middle of the city or house/large apartment in the suburbs? The convenience of not owning a car or not having to put up with public transportation? Amassing a bunch of material crap or having the freedom that living light provides?

It's a constant 'grass is always greener' scenario. Whichever side I'm on at that moment, I find myself feeling envious of those who have less/more.

I'm actually boring myself to tears writing this, so I apologize to anyone reading it. This is turning into just the sort of 'high school journal' crap that's clogging up the internet...



Blogger Chester blathered...

Dude! When did this become a blog!?!

12:34 PM

Blogger Chester blathered...

Quit with the solipsism! More Linkin' Park lyrics!

12:35 PM


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