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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I'll Stop Screaming When You Acknowledge My Sensitivity!!

Just when I thought to myself that it had been weeks since really hating something, Mtv came to the rescue again last night.

During a commercial break during the only tolerable music videos that play on Mtv2, during the show 'Subterranean', a commercial came on for some band. I don't remember their name nor do I care to, but the gist of their music is 'a little bit of whining followed by a little bit of blood curtling screaming'. To help imagine it, think of Evanescense fucking Rammstein or maybe Marilyn Manson having a baby with Dashboard Confessional. Sound truly awful? You better believe it!

Well it turns out that this new little Damien of a sub-genre has a name, it's called 'Scream-O'. It combines the heartfelt college pussy awfulness of 'emo' with the nonsensical tourettes-inspired retard impersonations of what passes for hard rock today. It's as if scientists have been working 'round the clock to find a way to make music more awful, and let me just say, if there's a nobel prize for ruining society, these guys are a freaking lock!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to the lab where I'm working on fusing 'ska' with 'avant garde' and 'UK Garage'. I'm gonna call it 'UK Skavant Car Hold' and it's going to blow your fucking mind!



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