Back when I was a kid, Blogs were called 'imaginary friends' and were only slightly more pathetic.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Blogs a Go-Go

Put down that Spin magazine! Throw away that New York Times! Stop listening to NPR! All the kids know that blogs are the only true news source left and the best place to find out about new music, comedy and all things cutting edge.

Here's the sites that everyone should be checking out:

Politics - Atrios, Kos, Jesus' General, and when you want to be infuriated by a republican, Mr. Blonde's Garage. But the best and funniest political site by far is World O' Crap.

Comedy - Even though a lot of his standup is reactionary garbage he learned from sucking off Nick DiPaolo and Colin Quinn, Jim Norton's 'I stink' blog is a pretty funny read. Also check out Something Awful and The Toon.

Music - Tiny Mix Tapes, Said the Gramophone, Stereogum, Large Hearted Boy

Weird Shit - Pho World, dedicated to vietnamese soup, This is Broken, which travels around NYC looking to take pictures of things that don't work anymore.

Now go out there and kill some time!



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