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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Will Not One of Us Protect Us From the Paparazzi?

I really didn't need any proof that Mel Gibson is a complete and utter shitfuck nutball. Seeing his name plastered all over the new movie 'Paparazzi' certainly cemented the case, however.

The movie is about one of those poor movie stars who've traded some of their personal anonymity for millions of dollars and the fame they always claimed they wanted. But this celebrity is DIFFERENT. He decides to fight back! Take that minimum wage earning photographer! Maybe you'll think twice about hanging out at a club trying to take a picture of some vain douchebag so you can eat next week.

What kind of bubble do you have to live in to think that celebrities hassled by photographers constitutes a 'victims group' that needs a movie made about their plight?

I imagine Mel sitting in his office, flush with success documenting people beating the shit out of Jesus, thinking, "What noble, misunderstood, martyred group can I profile next?". And then it occurred to him, "Me.".



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