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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Tips on Vomit-guarding your Television...

From the 'news you already know' department, the GOP convention coming up is going to be horrendous. Just read this little blurb about the guy in charge of the 'entertainment';

"And so the party hired Mr. Breeden, a former president of the Gospel Music Association renowned in the Christian music industry, to help produce a show that carefully weaves the party's political message with a mix of music, star power and patriotic symbolism."

So get ready for a solid week of church and state, together again, just like the good old days of pre-revolutionary America, before that stupid constitution tried to create a country with religeous freedom (even if you don't believe in Jesus!).

On a slightly different note, Bill Clinton was on the Daily Show the other night and said something that I found just amazing. Responding to the dirty tactics used by the 'Smear Boat Veterans' group, he mentioned that awhile back, a Republican senator told him, "Of course we have to run dirty, If we play fair, we lose". Just let that sink in for a second. This guy's not saying that the republican party's ideas are bad or that democratic ideas are better, he's saying that THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID THAT YOU HAVE TO TRICK THEM INTO DOING THE RIGHT THING. Facts will only cloud their judgement and make them vote for Democrats. Of course, he's dead on correct, but it's amazing that someone would have the guilded brass balls to say it.

This goes right back to an original point I made that most republicans are very insecure people. At the heart of their being, they believe that you have to lie, cheat and steal to make it. They use phrases like 'All's fair in love and war', and 'It's just business'. They know that when you have no personality and no marketable talents, the only way to fill the gaping void in your soul is to stuff it with money you've stolen from other people.

If you are that bitter, hopeless and hate-filled towards the public, do me a favor, DON'T RUN FOR PUBLIC OFFICE. Go work at the DMV or sell used cars or go somewhere we expect to find incompetence and anger stuffed into cheap suits.



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