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Friday, July 23, 2004

No babies on the ceiling yet...

I've heard some people say that quitting smoking is harder than quitting Heroin. Having seen trainspotting and known people who have lost battles with heroin, I think those people are completely full of shit. That being said, without sweet sweet nicotine, the brain does do some funny things in the first couple of weeks after quitting.
I think if you asked people who know me, they would say that one of my most prominent personality traits is a complete inability to become highly emotional about most things. Call it my 'gen-x' disorder. Well take away my smokes, and after a few days me and the wife will be shouting at each other, nearly coming to blows and calling the attorneys over just about any tedious and boring subject you can name. From experience, this only lasts a couple of days, however, so fear not, no one will find me in a urine soaked alley off of Mission dead and bloated with 50 cigarettes in my mouth any time soon.



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