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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Bush Lovin' douche on Big Brother

I was watchin' that there Big Brother show last night and some guy
named Mike is on, wearing a truly moronic t-shirt. It says 'Bush's
America' on it and has every COUNTY in the U.S. that voted for Bush in
Red. So even states that overwhelmingly went for Gore look more red
than not because it counts rural shit-kicking areas that are 10,000
square miles, but have 3 people living in them.

Wouldn't you rethink your political beliefs just a little bit if the map of who voted for your candidate EXACTLY MATCHES a map of lowest literacy rates in the country?

Not only that, but upon hearing that one of his housemates is gay, his
response is that "I guess it's ok, because I'm a little too old to be
his type". Oh, I see, so this asshole doesn't have a problem with
homosexuals per say, he's just tired of constantly having to defend
against unwanted advances. It must be tough living in whatever
shit-hole town in Michigan he's from, what with all the horny gay men
roaming the streets propositioning every pudgy redneck as they walk out
of church...



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