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Friday, June 25, 2004

England got jobbed!

If you think Americans can be bad conspiracy theorists, you should have seen the group at the Englander pub in San Leandro after England was run out of the Euro championships on penalty kicks by Portugal.

To be fair, they did get completely robbed, as a goal which would have won it in regulation was disallowed for a phantom handball. According to all the brits standing around me, however, it was clear that the referee, who happened to be Swiss, was still angry that England had beat Switzerland 3 days before and fixed the game. Even though the game was completely meaningless, the referee's been working internationl matches for 10 years without incident, and the fact that he's Freaking Swiss, that didn't stop the accusations-a-flyin'.

In my opinion, England deserved to lose anyway. Apart from one lucky goal 3 minutes in, Portugal had them pinned in their own half the entire match. And once Wayne Rooney left the game, they couldn't put together a run down field to save their lives.

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