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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Name checkin'

For posterity's sake, and because I fear my own senility at some point, I'm going to list some people I went to college with or generally hung out with over the years. This will serve two purposes; 1) In case I forget and 2) If they ever Google search their own name, they'll find me. Here goes: Seattle 1970-1989, Greg Wells, Ronald Hippe, Jeremy Spurgin, Bart Pfingst, Brad Fritzler, Ryan K. Johnson, Darrell Bratz, John Otakie, Tori McNeil, James Ritzman, Alan Halfhill, Lisa Hennes, Bruce Kather, Howard Carson. NYU 1989-90, John Vitale, Louis Puleo, Kazuo Nakamura, Marie Pollio, Jason Smith, Michael Ross, Ben Hayeem, Scott Wohl, Robert Schacht, Manoj Shyamalan, Jeff Cleary, Sterling Jones, Ken Sackheim, Jim Mol, Kimson Albert, Tomamichi, Daniel Irwin, Victor Brody, Phil Todd, Scott Boggins, Mike Jann, Tim Bogart, Sunjay Guleria, Sean Farrelly, Elisa Piszel, Barbara Vosmikova, Jim Polaczynski. Reseda/Thousand Oaks 1990-92, Don Brown, Randy Ralston, Michelle Fiala, Charles Edwards, Jeffrey Dressell, Bob Morelock, Matt Schilling, West Hills College 1992-93, Batul Isaac, Richard Gaeta, Robert Gaeta, Jack Decker, Dave Bolt. Long Beach State University 1993-95, David Lee, Jon Hirozawa, Matt Vinopal, Travis Long, James McCaffrey, Chad Eric Ostboe, Nadine Takvorian, Ahren Sims, Joe Osio, Natalie Dyroff, Kamala Mantha. San Francisco 1995-98, Marcia Crain, Sue Crain, Jim Gallagher, Rich Prasch, Mike Billington, Ceppie Mayes, Artie Barnes, Constance Botelho, John Frietas, Thom Canova, Teri Hart, Mike Lozinski, Mitch Fujita, Dennis Luftbaum, Steve Henry, Mitch Fine, Amy Andresco.



Blogger Nadine blathered...

Holy shit! This is what happens when I google myself. It's been a long time Andrew. A looong time since I've seen all these names together again. Man, that was a while ago! Hope you're well in the east bay. I have no clue how often you check this thing. But hey. Man. What building were you guys? K Building? I think I was in G. God, I barely remember. What the hell happened to everybody I wonder? What are you up to? You're married and everything right? !!!!!!! So if you want to send me an email it's (Yes, I have my own website. Gotta freelance as much as I can....)


2:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous blathered...

Holly shit!! I always wondered what happened to you Andrew!! It's Chad Ostboe, and yes, I did do a Google search of my name and it came up on your website. You are a clever one. I thought, what the heck is the "scamboogah daily rag" and why is my full name on it? I saw your name and couldn't believe it. I tried to find you through the internet a few years ago but came up with nothing. I knew you would turn up on the internet someday.

Dude, how have you been? I saw that you have been doing some traveling and are back in Cali. and are married? Cool.

We need to catch up. It would be good to talk to you again. Do you keep in touch with the old roommates?(Travis, Joe, Ahren) and the peeps from Parkside Commons at CSULB? I will have to catch you up on what I have been doing over the past 10 years...damn, it HAS been about 10 years.

Anyway, send me an email at

Chad Ostboe

PS: I sent you this same post as an email to, don't know if you got it, so i am sending this post.

10:00 AM

Anonymous kimson blathered...

Hey man. I just googled myself and found my name amongst the tischers of the day. i'm trying to remember you, forgive me it's been ages.
At any rat, hit me
and see if we can catch up...

8:38 PM


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