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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Nothin' like a bar crawl

Before every last brain cell is swimming in sweet, sweet liquor, I'd better list off the various establishments responsible for this last Friday night;
First was the HEMLOCK Tavern on Polk Street, nice little 'indie rock' place, but too early to have more than a few inhabitants.
Then came EDINBURGH CASTLE down the street, one of my favorite UK style bars in the SF area. Great taps, good environment and excellent fish n' chips.
After a brief break, we hit ZEITGEIST on Valencia, still a cool place, but today was jam-packed to the walls and beyond with douchebag biker trash. Runaway!
Made a hasty escape from there and it was on to MARTUNI'S for some much needed stiff drinks and snobby homosexuals.
Next was CAFE ORBIT(?) on Market. The bartender was way too busy for no good reason and made the worst looking Cosmopolitan I've ever seen (on ice?).
Then and finally was The EXPANSION near Market and Church. One of the truly great remaining dive bars in San Francisco. Nothing is fancy or clean and it's usually fairly empty save for a few crusty old alcoholics. So we stayed, already pretty shitfaced, and killed the rest of the night there.



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