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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Name checkin' part 2

Australia/New Zealand 1998, Greg Hutchings, Trish Rhode, Kate Ross, Leonardo Rinaldi. Portland 1998-2000, Jennifer Stacy, Bruce Joseph, James Spencer, Jon Pablo, Mike Morris, Randy Fitzhugh, Willie Nelson, Jason Marriott, Ken Pierce, Reid Leake, William Russell, Brig Otis. New York/Connecticut 2000-04, Joe Orlando, Conrado Ramos, Brian Farrelly, Barrington Lynch, Errol Izurieta, Phil Kriebel, Walter Pogue, Vince Yozenas, Hazzard Ali, Xeonia Solis, Wilson LaTure, Kathy McNulty, Mike Maurer, Stanley Kakowski, Yiannis Kakouris, Peter Stokes Jr., Vincent Repaci, Tony Macri, Janea Powell, Vinnie Nicolosi, Danny O'Connell, Kevin O'Brien, Vinnie Hernandez, Ray Passaro, Sergio Colon, Deb Greene, Fred Monnes. Phew! My apologies to anyone who I know that doesn't find their name here. It probably just means that I can't remember your last name.



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