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Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Few Quick Words On The Whole Bill O'Reilly/ David Letterman Dustup...

If anyone hasn't heard about it or seen it, here's a couple of links to get you up to speed.

Basically, David Letterman finally had O'Reilly on a stage where O'Reilly wasn't the one in charge and told him the truth about what he (and anyone else with half a head on their shoulders) thinks of him. Bill's 'hail mary' last ditch effort to save his credibility was to press Letterman into admitting that he doesn't watch Bill's show. How pathetic is that? Hey Bill, I've never read the Turner Diaries, does that make me unqualified to think Timothy McVeigh was a Nazi asshole?

While it would be very easy to take the interview point-by-point and demonstrate that Letterman was exactly right, that there is no 'war on Christmas', that asking why the hell we're in Iraq is a valid question and that making a villian out of Cindy Sheehan is just unsettling and disgusting, It'll actually be much easier to tackle this from the other side.

Bill O'Reilly is a pompous, sexist, power-hungry jackass hack who has no journalistic credibility, lies through his teeth every 5 minutes on his show, and has no desire for anything other than acquiring a sheep-like herd of followers to buy his crappy merchandise. About as intellectual as a concussed myna bird, O'Reilly provides a voice for the deep seeded desire that lies within most of the red state dwelling, uneducated forklift operators and used car salesmen in this country; the desire to be BOTH a racist, sexist asshole AND somehow be a victim of society at the same time.

So fuck you Bill, fuck you Michelle Malkin, and fuck you Joe Scarborough (who both leap all over the 'I don't watch your show' line as if that just automatically makes O'Reilly the winner). It's happening a lot slower than it should, but little by little your phoney Fox built facades are being torn down, exposing you for the shrill, hate-filled, money-hungry little douchebags you all are.



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