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Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Power Of Booze Compels You!!

Full of more holiday cheer than Santa Claus after a weekend bender in Vegas, Barrespondent Drew returns with more reasons to put down that A-Team DVD your friends gave you for Christmas as a joke and head out to the local.

A huge mistake is made by people all over the place every single day. From the largest metropolis to the smallest little craphole in western New Mexico, people are constantly confusing what makes a good club with what makes a good bar. While this may seem like an innocent enough mistake to start with, when you realize that they are in fact the total opposite of each other, you can see what a fatal error it can be. I'll explain...

It all comes down to size. The bigger a club is the better. If you’re going to wait in line, spend ten bucks a drink and try out that dance you saw some spastic do in front of his webcam once, you’re going to want the place to be big, like airport hangar big. As any sane person who’s ever been to Nickie’s on Haight Street can tell you, getting your freak on with a hundred or so other drug-addled teenagers is generally a whole hell of a lot more tolerable when you’ve got, as Rachel Ray says, “Room to groove”.

But this here scrawl ain’t about clubs, it’s about bars, so if we’re all in agreement that when it comes to clubs, bigger is better, then the opposite must be true. And indeed it is. There’s nothing quite like the refreshing calm that overtakes you when you’re in a tiny little spot that also happens to have a big mountain of booze along one wall.

Dalva, on 16th between Valencia and Albion, is our favorite ‘tiny little spot’. Sure, it can become a little crowded on weekends from time to time, but for quite a bit of the week it’s just a nice little spot to stick yourself into for awhile. Probably about fifteen feet wide and possessing about 2 lightbulbs, it’s a great little bar stuck right in the middle of a neighborhood full of trendy hipster joints that seem to be constantly looking for a way to jam another 50 people into them.

Service is super friendly, drinks made with appropriate care, and the music selection, whether it’s from the ‘esoteric’ jukebox or played from behind the bar, is some of the best in the entire city.

So if you’re in the mood for somewhere ‘not so big’, give Dalva a shot. It’s not exactly 4 floors of kickin’ DJs, but sometimes, that’s a really good thing.

Liver… Out!!



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