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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Responding To A Meme Only Two Months Late

Good lord I'm such a douche. The single worst thing you can do when the Gauntlet is dropped at your feet is to not even notice it.

Here's a challenge that was recently (November 1st) laid before my feet that I completely spaced on in true California style.

So as a matter of trying to make all things right with the universe by making the proper amends, here I go;

My 23rd post, from July 19th, 2004, just happens to be one of the most humiliating posts I've ever done. In this post, I make the very convincing argument that the Seattle Supersonics are the worst team in the NBA, just mere moments before they go on to have their best season in years.

The 5th sentence? "I'm sure the franchise does Ok, sells some tickets and makes a profit, but eventually they're going to run it right back into the ground it had to crawl itself out of in the early 90s."

At this point, I may 'suggest' several friends to continue this tag match, but it almost seems like finding a chain letter in the trash and keeping it going.

At the very least, I hope this protects me from horrible luck.



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