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Monday, December 19, 2005

In 2030 This Blog Will Mostly Discuss Liver Failure

Walking the fine line between Jimmy Carter sober and Billy Carter drunk, Barrespondent Drew keeps on keepin’ on, puts the hammer down and gets this convoy truckin’. After that, he asks himself why he felt the need to watch all of Smokey and The Bandit when it was on AMC the other day.

In the case of most businesses, the outside appearance can greatly assist you in figuring out what it’s like inside. For instance, if there’s blood smeared on the windows and green smoke coming out of the chimney, this might not be the best Chinese restaurant to take your parents to when they visit from out of town.

The same thing can certainly NOT be said about bars, however. We can think of at least a dozen places that look great from the outside but are awful inside, and there are just as many places that look miserable driving by and turn out to be one of our favorites once we darken their doorway.

Treat Street Cocktails on 24th and Treat never looked dangerous or anything the hundred and twenty times we walked or drove by it before finally going in. And it certainly didn’t look too snobby or anything. We always just assumed that it was one of those slightly unfriendly local dives with no real character and appealing only to people living within 2 blocks of it.

Boy were we wrong. Invitingly warm and hospitable, the bartenders and clientele here are some of the friendliest ever encountered. A couple of innocent comments on travel immediately got a fascinating conversation going between us and two regulars who were trading stories back and forth for the next hour. Far from being a depressing black hole for nearby residents, Treat Street Cocktails is the kind of place where you’re just as likely to run into someone who just hitch-hiked to Panama and back as you are someone who hasn’t left their usual stool in several years.

Booze selection here is admittedly on the average side, a few decent beer selections and the usual suspects of hard alcohol. There wasn’t anything playing on the jukebox when we were there, but a quick glance revealed some pretty decent selections.

So quit judging books by their covers and check out Treat Street. Your courage will most certainly be rewarded.

Liver… Out!!



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