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Monday, July 19, 2004

Current Worst Franchise in Pro Sports...

The Seattle Sonics have achieved nothing, and done nothing in the last couple of years to improve. It used to be that you could dog it for a few years, get a good draft pick and rebound, but in this age where the average draft pick is about 14 years old, that's no longer a viable option.

Which leads one to an obvious conclusion, the Sonics don't give a rat's ass about winning. I'm sure the franchise does Ok, sells some tickets and makes a profit, but eventually they're going to run it right back into the ground it had to crawl itself out of in the early 90s.



Blogger Chester blathered...

While I trust in Mully, I still think it's funny to see someone in Oakland bemoaning the Seattle Supersonics as the most worthless franchise in the NBA.

7:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous blathered...

Oh, Look who's laughing now! Ray Allen owns you! And fear the mighty packs of...of..Luke Ridnour! Wally Walker planned it just like this!


10:51 AM


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