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Thursday, September 01, 2005

I Didn't Know That Brett Favre's Grandparents Were Gay!

Yup, it was just a matter of time. From 9/11 to Sri Lankan Tsunamis and now the flooding of New Orleans, there's just nothing that can happen in the world that can't be blamed on gay people.

This theory makes perfect sense, you know, apart from the fact that most of the 'sinners' hadn't even arrived yet and that a lot of damage was done to Mississippi and Alabama as well (and I'm pretty sure they're not quite as 'gay friendly' as the Big Easy). But apart from that and the 80% of the god fearing populace that lost their homes and lives, and the near destruction of the home arena for a team called 'The Saints', this theory seems to put it all to rest.

Apparently the God that people like this believe in has really bad aim and doesn't get the internet so he could check for the proper dates to send his hurricane. What a crummy God to believe in. I'd like to think that if I believed in God that he wouldn't be some bumbling idiot that made me guess what he was trying to accomplish. Oh well, I guess this particular God has to break a few million eggs to make a big giant anti-fag omelette.

You know, this guy's right. Back when we kept gays in the closet, natural disasters never happened at all. When will those wicked liberals in Washington learn?



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