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Monday, September 12, 2005

A Very Special 'Staggering Through Fog'...

Even though this column’s supposed to be about the bars of San Francisco, given the unbelievably tragic events of the last couple of weeks, we simply must pay due respect to the drinkin’-est city this side of Bavaria, New Orleans. Things may look bad now, but we know that you’ll rise again and take back your rightful place at the throne of Fat Tuesday’s mayhem.

Even though we’ve never had a chance to experience the nonstop free-for-all boozefest of Mardi Gras for ourselves, we certainly know enough people who have. And any city that lets you walk around with open containers and doesn’t have a last call doesn’t just sound like a good city, it sounds like the greatest place ever. I think the reason we never made it to the Crescent City is a lot like why we never tried skydiving. We were secretly afraid we’d like it TOO much and develop another really expensive hobby.

And while it’s easy to to be overwhelmed by what we’ve witnessed on TV over the last two weeks and think there’s precious little we can do, The 500 Club on 17th and Guerrero has provided a chance to do something positive for the folks of the Big Easy. And it involves getting drunk too, which is always a plus.

This Tuesday from 6PM on, everything the 500 Club takes in will be donated to charities supporting the victims of Hurricane Katrina. That’s right, everything. The more you drink, the more it helps. Now, we’ve reviewed the Five-Hundy before, but if helping out like this doesn’t warrant them getting a second mention, I don’t know what does.

So get on down to the 500 Club this Tuesday and drink yourself stupid. It may one of the only times in your life when you can judge how charitable you are by the size of your hangover..

Liver… Out!!



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