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Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Real Real O.C.

Currently in the city of Orange, the Orange County-est part of the Orange County-est section of Orange County. Came down for the Mrs.' uncle's funeral, so not exactly a pleasure trip. My apologies to any number of people I keep promising to look up when I get down to SoCal. Your time is coming, I swear! Here's some random observations about life in the Big Naranja;

- Local news down here is AWFUL. I mean, I've lived down here before, so I kind of knew what to expect, but Great Odin's Raven! Each newscast contains about 2 minutes of actual news surrounded by 58 minutes of mindless chatter and feeble attempts at jokes.

- Racism may be something that people whisper down here, but homophobia more than picks up the slack. You can loudly call someone a fag in any situation amongst completely mixed company and have absolutely no fear of anyone saying anything but, "Yeah, he probably is a homo.".

- You can say the phrase, "I think you can low-ball them and get that house for $800,000" without anyone pointing out what a motherfucking obscene amount of money that is.

- Diversity means you hang out with white people that are conventionally good looking and unconventionally good looking.

- Everyone is religeous. EVERYONE. And not "I'll do my thing, you do yours" religeous either. If you've gone 20 minutes without someone mentioning accepting Jesus, you've probably wandered into San Bernardino County.

Oh yeah, and it's hotter than two Sumo wrestlers dry humping on the surface of the sun.



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